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Exposing our skin to sun rays is good for us: the natural sunlight stimulates vitamin D production in our bodies. But over-exposure to the sun is harmful: it can lead to premature ageing, skin damage and even skin cancer.

Natural sunscreens are physical sunscreens that act as a reflective barrier against UV radiation – making it bounce off our skin. These natural forms of SPF are not absorbed and won’t disrupt hormonal balance. They are also effective as soon as they are applied.

Beyond creating a barrier to harmful UVA and UVB rays, sun creams contain nourishing ingredients to keep skin hydrated and moisturised. Aloe Vera 

Make sure you apply sunscreen every day of the year. Whether indoors or out. And reapply regularly, especially when swimming or sweating. More on natural sun creams here.

After Sun

After sun exposure, your skin will need a soothing cooling product to help it recover, even if you have screened it from the harsh UV rays. You will need it even more so if you haven’t been careful and managed to get sunburnt!

The all-time best product would be pure Aloe Vera gel. Soothing, healing and refreshing. It’s a must in every household at all times of the year. It also works on any type of burn or skin irritation.

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